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VAT Returns (Value Added Tax) | Sales Tax Returns

Who has to file VAT returns?

  • If you are a registered dealer, you must file VAT returns.
  • Payment of tax must be done before filing of returns.
  • E-filing of VAT returns has been allowed in a number of states across India.
  • As part of your self-assessment, you pay tax when your returns show that tax is due. The law assumes that you are an honest citizen and hence file correct, complete and self-consistent returns by the due date.
  • If your business is seasonal in nature and have no operations in a particular quarter, a NIL return must be filed. Once you are VAT registered dealer, filing is a must irrespective of the business activities.

When do I have to file VAT returns?

Your first VAT return must be filed from the date of starting of your business. This includes the unregistered period as well. VAT Returns thereon are filed every month or every quarter depending on the amount of VAT you pay.

  • Total net tax liability is greater than 1 lakh- file monthly returns.
  • Total net tax liability is between Rs.12,000 to 1 lakh- file quarterly returns.
  • Total net tax liability is lesser than Rs.12,000- file bi-annual returns.Besides these general rules, every State prescribes certain guidelines to file returns. Further, failure to file returns within the stipulated time would invite the penalty clause prescribed by each State.

How do I file VAT returns?

  • All you have to do is fill a simple form on the website and give us some essential information like your company balance sheet, the state you carry out your operations in, TIN number, tax liability details etc.
  • We will prepare an authorization letter which you need to sign.
  • Thereon, we will submit your duly filled-in application to the Department of Commercial taxes online. Upon successful completion of the process, we will mail you the Verification acknowledgment form to your registered email address.
  • We can guarantee you that your VAT returns or the Sales Tax returns are filed accurately and duly on time.

What is Profession Tax

  • Profession tax is a tax that must be paid by a person to the state government.
  • It is a tax on the income earned by any person who is carrying out any profession in that state.
  • Now, of course, every person who has worked hard for his money will ask before giving away his sweat stained income, “I work for the money and hand it over to you? That’s rich!”
  • This tax is like the maintenance we pay to an apartment association in order to maintain and repair the wear and tear. The government uses the money collected to maintain the roads that take you to your workplace, maintain the facilities that supply you electricity and water etc.

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